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LeArn is a revolutionizing digital platform with a unique approach, built to focus on the holistic development of a student. We provide a one-stop learning app for kids with an equal emphasis on extra-curricular, moral education, and the soft skills of a student. LeArn helps to deliver exceptional learning experience from best teachers across India at the convenience of their homes. It also provides a personalized experience to every user with its multi-faceted online platform. The learning app for class 1 to 12th merges various animated lesson plans, challenging quizzes, fun videos, informative articles, moral stories, current news, and much more.

LeArn is one of the leading learning apps for development and education platform. We associate with individuals to recognize their needs, providing them coaching and trainings that help them to achieve their goals.

LeArn - One-Stop Platform for Learning in English



Assigning the grades after the completion of a module to evaluate the growth of an individual. at the same time, it helps a student to improve his weakness.



It is a systematic process of data collection and analysis which helps to keep a track of how much course has been completed. Further, this learning app helps you to start from where you left.



An individual’s vocabulary is continuously evaluated through designed quizzes, MCQs, and puzzles designed for every age group. It helps in identifying gaps in knowledge, build confidence, and retaining information.


Live classes

We have brought together a team of world- class teachers to provide students with top-notch virtual learning sessions.


Course completion Certificates

Encourage students by rewarding them a certificate every time they complete a course. The certificates are fully customized as per the course.



After becoming a member, you'll be able to access our premium courses, content, extravagant opportunities, and huge discounts. Download this learning app to nourish your career.


Talent Hub

Talent Hub aims to discover and develop the user's artistic, creative, and social abilities that are just waiting to shine. We provide a learning platform for students to showcase their art and talent.


Learn Centre

As an individual learning, personal growth and development are very important. We help a student to understand every topic in depth based on his interest as well as learn social aspects that are essential for life- long learning. A balanced set of knowledge will ensure all- round development for kids.


Current Affairs

LeArn also provides you with information as to what is going around, at the right place and at the right time. This helps enhance the vocabulary and communication skills.


Online Courses

A variety of courses are available for kids to learn and develop their skills. LeArn provides knowledge about different skills from experienced teachers all around the world.



Reading from young age is important for the development and its fun! It allows users to get out of their comfort zone and use their mind creatively, increasing their ability to learn.



Informative videos and articles are available from experienced teachers. This learning app for 12th class and other classes helps students to gain knowledge from the comfort of their homes.


Fun centre

Planning to learn Something new this season? Don't worry we have got you covered. Learn drawing, Calligraphy, yoga and much more from the comfort of your home. No more missing your extra curricular because of lack of time. Take up different courses anytime, anywhere.

Word of the day

New English words occur everyday. Learn a new word everyday with our new feature ‘Word of the day’ to improve your vocabulary.

Message of the day

Make each day your masterpiece. ‘Message of the day’ feature allows you to start your day with some empowering quotes and positive content. It helps to keep your mind and body refreshed throughout the day.

Do you know

Our main purpose is to provide new ways of observing and understanding life by offering interesting ways to learn what lies in the past, present and future.

Activity centre

Combination New ideas, interests like never before! One can explore different set of activities and gain knowledge. It inspires students to use their creative ideas in solving a problem and help them to develop a competitive spirit among them.


Spell Test

Love words? Test your vocabulary and reduce the mistakes significantly. This will further help an individual to increase accuracy.


Synonyms, Antonyms, Phrases, Idioms all at one place. An individual doesn’t have to spend time looking online when you have got everything at one place.


One way to boost your child’s verbal fluency and creative thinking. It is a fun activity wherein an individual has to solve a question or statement.

Live Classes in Learning App for Kids

LeArn provides a live platform to all our teachers, mentors, and leaders to communicate with their audience.

Engaging Lectures

Deliver your lectures via video, audio, PPT or text.  Communicate with your students as per your suitability and convenience.

Available on all devices

Students can access your video on their mobiles, smartphones, tablets, or desktop. Our learning platform in English is fully equipped for all the devices. No setup cost is required.

Live Support

LeArn gives access to students to ask questions on a live chat if they have any doubts regarding the course.

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