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Live and Interactive learning is now possible with LeArn Partner tutor. It is a platform where experienced tutors can sell their courses. Tutors can also engage their students through live classes, In today’s era of video and audio streaming, our advanced technology makes it possible for our Learners to not only depend on the pre-recorded or textual content but also have a live face to face learning experience. We expect our teachers to be completely flexible and open for all kinds of queries and questions during the lectures for making it easier for Learners.

It is very important to engage your audience through continuous assessments, videos, Q&A’s, quizzes to test their creativity, strengthen their core thinking capabilities, At the same time it benefits you as a tutor to form a community of your own. More the engagement, better the results.
We have many teachers on our platform teaching variety of courses related to academics, Dancing, Music, Language learning, arts to name a few. You can let us know what you are best in and we can take it further.

Step to get associated as LeArn Tutor

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    Fill out the details

    Fill the basic details on the become a tutor page and allow us to reach out to you.

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    Get evaluated

    Get evaluated by LeArn Team by sharing your sample content with us and over discussions with our team mates.

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    Share the association documents

    Share the documents required for the association including the contract.

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    Share your course details

    You need to share the course details, videos along with the demo course videos

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    Course getting ready on Learn App

    The learn app back end team works to get your course online to make it ready for the user.

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    Go live of your course

    Here you go. Your knowledge is ready to be shared with the users on the platform. They will be able to subscribe to the courses you have offered after checking the details.

Get associated with us after filling the below details in the form :

Upload option for sample content max 10 mb