About LeArn App

LeArn is a revolutionizing digital platform with a unique approach. We are focusing on the holistic development of a student, we not only provide a one-stop solution but are also giving equal emphasis on extra-curricular, moral education and soft skills of a student. LeArn helps to deliver exceptional learning experience from best teachers across India at the convenience of their homes. It also provides personalized experience to every user with its multi- faceted online platform that merges various animated lesson plans, challenging quiz , fun videos, informative articles, moral stories, current news, and much more.

Why to Choose LeArn App?

Personality development is inevitable part of child’s growth. Children spend most of their time in front of Television or computer. LeArn is the one stop platform to provide exposure to different types of hobbies that a child wants to pursue starting from his childhood.


A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication — listening, speaking, reading and writing. LeArn not only offers content but also provides right knowledge to right segment. Children have the aptitude from a very young age to learn resilience and persistence. It is important to track the progress, replay the course material with appropriate language.

Education should never be restricted to classrooms only. LeArn offers a range of professionals all around India to provide captivating and constant learning. Our unique experience allows engagement with our students from the day they join the platform through constant support by understanding their needs. Our main motive is to provide the highest quality education to as many students as possible.

Every course is designed in a specific way which meets the requirements of a student. LeArn creates the course curriculum and customises the learning paths for the students.

Our team of experts have designed well rounded sets of questions which constantly add relevant knowledge in student’s life. They will be provided with customized completion pages and certificates to motivate them. Goal setting is important to engage and enhance students on the platform that is particularly designed for them.

As our name suggests we aim to cultivate user’s talent. Whether natural or nurtured, Talent Hub aims to discover and develop user’s artistic, creative and social abilities that are just waiting to shine.
We are aiming to create a social community which help student to show case their art and talent and discover themselves
World is becoming more and more competitive so is the education platform like talent hub improve user’s social skills, develop their interests and inspire them to try new things. It is also a good way for ones who struggles in school to learn in a fun environment.
So hey, what are you waiting for? We promise you LeArn will be fun!

Start your learning experience with exciting journey of Le and Arn

It enhances students to pay and learn whatever they want from one platform.


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Best teachers across the country are just clicks away from you.


For Students, Staff and Faculty

LeArn helps to maintain the details of the students in terms of their course content, activities, and attendance which also makes it easier for parents.


Analytics & Statistics

Student’s performance is analysed from time to time in order to measure their growth and we make sure that the students achieve their goals. Statistics are maintained based on individual’s learning.


Multimedia Content

LeArn delivers multiple course modules with various types of content in the form of Study notes, video lectures, test series, Question banks, Tips, Tricks, Daily and weekly tests etc


Online Test and Discussion Forum

One can create different online test for the student which will help to upgrade the knowledge. Students can also upvote ,downvote or post answers to open forum questions.


Learning Path & Course Builder

Every course is designed in a specific way which meets the requirements of a student. LeArn creates the course curriculum and customises the learning paths for the students.


Parents and Admin Support

Admin has complete access to manage courses, students, attendance etc. LeArn makes it easier for parents to track the progress of the student in the class.

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Join our skilled teachers providing students attractive and consistent learning experience anywhere and anytime









The most fun, exciting and rewarding way of sharing knowledge. LeArn provides an environment where you are exposed to a culture of conducive learning.


Looking for someone passionate about teaching, expert with various accreditations, and a commitment to deliver to the best of their capability. You have come to a right place! Accomplish your goals faster with LeArn



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